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David Madison

Night Geocaching Night Geocaching

Night Geocaching

Add a twist to the traditional geocache!

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Geocaching is a fun activity to get your Scouts outside and working together.  Who doesn't like a puzzle? Searching for something hidden based on a couple clues, some coordinates and GPS device.  Now, for a twist try this a night!

Scoutmaster Minute: Birthdays are funny... Scoutmaster Minute: Birthdays are funny...

Scoutmaster Minute: Birthdays are funny...

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Confucius said that "real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance". The more I learn the more I realize what I don't know...

Silent Night

You don't have to be the best... Do your best!

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The story begins in 1818 in a church in the little Austrian town of Oberndorf. Shortly before Christmas Eve...

Beechwood State Park

Camping, Hiking, Fishing - Former Girl Scout Campground

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Beechwood State Park is a 288-acre (1.17 km2)  state park located on the shore of Lake Ontario in the Town of Sodus in Wayne County, New York. The park occupies land that was...

Virtual Field Trips

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UPDATED: Added links to the different US Mints. UPDATED: With link to a collection of Virtual Tours. Who doesn't love a field trip.  Going to a zoo, a historic place, a science...

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