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Hiking Merit Badge sequence

Hiking Merit Badge sequence
David Pinto
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Hiking Merit Badge sequence

Rochester NY & Finger Lakes region

Several Scouts in our Troop have been working on the Hiking Merit Badge by hiking "Together but Apart."   

We have been hiking the same trail at different times and sending photos and messages to each other while on the trail.




Links go to shared Google Doc pdf files that present the details for each hike - including links to maps, some history of the area, and activities to be completed on the trail to satisfy the "Show and Discuss" requirements of the merit badge.

More hikes will be added as we complete them.  (Suggestions welcome!)


Hike #1 Mendon Pond (5 miles)   

Hike #2 Hojack Trail (10 miles)

Hike #3 Gorge Trail (10 miles)

Hike #4 (10 miles) (Pending - Erie Canal)

Hike #5 (15 miles) (Pending)

Hike #6 (20 miles) (Pending)



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David PintoDavid Pinto

ASM Troop 167 Pittsford

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