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The Least shall be first - Scoutmaster Minute

The Least shall be first - Scoutmaster Minute
David Madison
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The Least shall be first - Scoutmaster Minute

A reflection on Scotty Scheffler, Pro Golfer

At the morning of the final master competition, Scotty Scheffler was on his knees weeping, feeling he wasn't ready for such an honor.

His wife said to him "Who are you to say you are not ready?!  God is in control and it is up to him!"...

He acknowledged that she was correct..  "God IS in control And the Lord is leading me.  And if this is my time that the Lord has for then so be it.  I will use it to glorify God." said Mr. Scheffler.

Scotty Scheffler rose very quickly to height of the Masters

So. What about us?  God doesn't choose people because of their looks, their strength, or their prestige.

Look at the big names in the Bible.  Who are they?

The culture at the time, for example, was to give the oldest son the best inheritance.  The position of Honor.  1st male.  The oldest male.

But, who did God choose?

Moses:  a Jew and son of a slave.
King David: The youngest sone.
Joseph: Again, the youngest son.
Mary Magdalene: a prostitute.
Jacob: the youngest.
The disciples: fisherman - uneducated.

Take a look at the lineage of Jesus.  All wer the least in their position... The boys and girls/men and women that no one wanted.  They didn't fit the cultural steortype.

Now,... they all did need to do one thing.  They were willing to accept the call. They were willing to follow the plan God had for them.

So, Scouts and Scouters, who are you?  As you can see by all these examples, you don't have to be the brightest, the best athlete, the tallest, the best looking, or the articulate speaker.  They simply had to be willing to do... to DO... to TRY... THEIR BEST.

Will you? God only knows what great things He has called you to do.


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