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The MacScouter's Big Book of Skits

The MacScouter's Big Book of Skits
David Madison
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The MacScouter's Big Book of Skits

377 Skits in this Big Book


The MacScouter's Big Book of Skits is the result of compiling skits from various Internet Scouting sources, and lots of creative people. This is the first major revision of the Big Book, incorporating more than 150 new skits. At last count there are 377 skits in the Big Book -- this may be the biggest collection of skits in the world. With a little luck, the book will be updated irregularly, as more material comes in.

The Big Book started with the Scouts-L Skits FAQ, and a few other small compilations of skits. People have sent me individual skits and groups of skits. My sincere thanks to Merl Whitebook, the most prolific contributor to this volume. My thanks also to Hans Hussman, Bob Jenkins, the US Scouting Service Project, the Australian Scouting Association, and a cast of other characters.

R. Gary Hendra, The MacScouter, January 1997

Download the MacScouter's Big Book of Skits

Table of Contents

Staging Skits
Other Sources of Skits
The Big Book of Skits
The Airplane
Airplane Short Runway
American Folk Tale Skit
The Ants
Artistic Genius
The Great Aug
The Babies & Dads
A Bad Turn
Balloon Orchestra
The Baseball Game
Bear Hunt
Bee Sting
The Root Beer Commercial
Bell Ringer #1
Bell Ringer # 2
Bell Ringer # 3
Be Prepared
The Best Spitter In The World
The Better Thief
The Bicycle Shop
Big Game Hunting
Big Itch
The Bigger Jerk
The Biggest Turkey
Black Bart
The Blanket Tossing Team
Border Crossing
Brain Shop
Brain Transplant
The Briefcase
A Brotherhood of Scouting
The Bubble Gum on the Street
The Bubble Gum in the Studios
Buffalo Stories
Bus Driver
Camel Patrol
Camp Coffee Sketch
Can You Do This?
The Candy Shop
The Candy Store
Candy Store
Candy Store (variation)
Change Underwear
Chewing Gum
Chin Faces
Climb That
The Compass
The Complaining Monk
Contagious Disease Ward
Court Case
Court Scene
Crazy Charlie
Cub Cookout
Cub Olympics
Cub Scout Socks
Cub Shop
Damn! (or should I say Darn?)
Dancing Knee Dolls
The Dangerous Tent
The Dead Body
The Den Mother's Bouquet
Did You Have V-8?
Dinner Special
Doctor! Doctor!
Doctor's Office
Doggie Doctor
Doggie Doo
The Dumb Actors
Easter Bunny
The Echo
Echo, again!
Echo Point
Elevated Gum
The Elevator
Emergency Room Doctor
The Enlarging Machine
Eskimo Pie
The Failed Reporter
The Fire
The Firing Squad
Version 2:
Fish Market
Fishing on a Park Bench
Fishing Success
The Fishing Trip
The Flea Circus
Flora the Flea
Fly in the Soup
Flying High
Fly in the Soup
Food, Water & Mirror on the Sahara
The Fortune Teller
Four Leaf Clover
The Four Seasons
Fred the Trained Flea
Friends of Years
The Frightened Hunter
Game Show
Gathering of the Nuts I
Gathering of the Nuts II
The General Store
The Ghost of Midnight
Ghost With One Black Eye
Giant Worm
Glass of Water
Go Cart


Gone Fishin'
The Good Samaritan
Good Soup
Granny! Wake Up!
Granny's Candy Store
The Greatest Spitter in the World
Green Side Up! Green Side Up!
The Greyhound Bus
The Growing Machine
The Hair Cut Machine
Hairy Hamburger
Harlem Globetrotters
Have You Seen my Belly Button?
The Heart Attack
Heaven's Gate
Herman, The Trained Flea
Hiccup for Me
The Highest Tree climber in the World
A Hot Meal!
How do I do That?
How to Make the Team
How to Wash An Elephant
I Gotta Go Wee
I'm Gonna Get You!
I'm Russian!
The Important Papers
The Important Meeting
In the Furniture Store
The Infantry
The Injury
The Inspection
In the Furniture Store
The Invisible Bench
Is a Train Passing Today?
Is Captain Kidd Afraid of Himself?
Is It Time Yet?
I Gotta Go Weee!
J.C. Penney
Join the Army!
Joke Teller
Jumbo Burgers
The Jump
Karate Orientale
Keep Canada Beautiful Contest
Knot Demonstration
The King's Raisins
Knot Demonstration
The Land Shark
The Lawn Mower I
The Lawnmower II
Learning English
Learning the Alphabet
Let Me Have It!
Letters from Home
Lie Detector
The Lighthouse Sketch
The Lighthouse
Lightening Strike
Lights, Camera, Action
Litter Hurts
Little Green Ball
Listen at the Wall
Living Xylophone
Lobster Tail
The Loon Hunt
Lost Item around Campfire
The Lost Lollipop
The Lost Quarter
Lunch Break
Mad Reporter
The Magic Bandanna
The Magic Doctor's Chair
Martian Mamma
Measurement Problem
Medical Genius
Military Genius
Mixed Body Acting
Mixed Up Magic
The Motorcycle Gang
The Motorcycle Shop
Mr. Kerplunk
Musical Genius
Musical Toilet Seat Salesman
Napoleon's Last Farewell
The New Badge
The New Car
New Saw
News Flash!
No Rocket Scientist
No Skit
Nutty Fisherman
The Nurses
Offensive Bus Passenger
The Old Gum
Old Movie Scene
Old Socks
The Olde Lighthouse
Olympic Drama
The Operation
The Outhouse in the Yangtze River
The Outhouse Sketch
The Outlaw
Over the Cliff
The Page (The Skit)
Painting the Walls
Panther Tracks
The Parachute
The Party Warehouse
Pass the Pepper
Patience, Jackass, Patience!
Peanuts in the Lake
Pet Shop
Pickin' Cotton
Pickpockets #2
Pie in the Face


The Pilfered Warehouse
The Pirate Family
Plane Landing
Play Ball
PLC Meeting
Poison Spring
The Poor Excuses
Pop Commercial
Post Office / King's Royal Paper
Potted Plant
Presents for the Teacher
The Professor's Address
Puppy in the Box
A Quiet Day
Real Thing
Reggie and the Colonel
The Restaurant
Restaurant Minutes
Rise, Walk, and Kill, Igor
River Run
Sarge And The Private
School's on Fire
Scientific Genius
The Scout Uniform
Scoutmaster's Brains
Scoutmaster's Gift
Scoutmaster's Saw
The Screwy Navel
Shape Up!
The Short Runway
The Shrimpy Boxer
Shut Up!
The Siberian Chicken Farmer
Sidewalk Climbing
Six Wise Travelers
The Sleep Walker
Slug Trainers
The Smart Scout
Smoke Signals
The Sneeze
Soldier In the Battlefield
Someone Chanted Evening
Sounds of the Lost Scoutmaster
The Sounds of the Wilderness
Sour Notes
Space Derby Skit.
The Special Papers
Spelling Contest
The Split Ball
SPL's Too Tough To Be Tasty
Spring is Sprung!
Star Gazing
St. Peter
The Statue Warehouse
Statues in the Park
The Strange Trees
Submarine Patrol
Submarine Training
The Successful Fisherman
Super Clutz
A Talking Martian!
Tankety Tank
Thar's a Bear
There's a Bear!
The Thinker
The Thirsty Donkey
The Thirsty Fisherman
Three Against 1000
Three Rivers
Three Rivers II
Three Scoops
Ticket Line
Time on the Park Bench
Timothy Eaton
The Trained Caterpillar
The Train Skit
The Trees
Trick or Treat
Trimming the Christmas Tree
Turkey Contest
The Twelve Days of Christmas
Twist Mouth Family
Ugliest Man in the World (or Bad Breath)
Ugly Baby
Up Harold
Upside Down Singers
Vampire Snack
The Viper is Coming
The Wall
The Waiter
The Waiting Room
Washington's Farewell
Water, Water!
We Ain't Got the Money for the Mortgage on the Farm
We Hit!
The Weather Man
The Well-Trained Elephant
What the Heck Was That?
What Time is it?
What's the Problem?
What's 2+2?
Who Sneezed?
Why Are You Late?
Worlds Greatest Pitcher
The World's Greatest Spitter
The World's Ugliest Man
What a Day
The Wrong Skit
You Don't Say!
You Need a Tie, Sir
You've Broken the Rules!
Yukon Winter


The 5th Floor
7 Jerks on the Line
Walk-ons, Run-ons and Other Shorts
The Announcement
Going to Court
Beam Me Up
Smoke Signals
Little Brother
Its All Around Me!
Pulling String
All Over Me
Throwing Up
Fire Drill
The Ruler
I'm a Rabbit
Pop Quiz
Wait! Wait!
What a Day
The Nutty Fisherman
Bee Sting
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