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Leaders you Love Leaders you Love

Leaders you Love

Group Activity

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Break up into small groups or patrols.  Discuss "Leaders you love" and why you love them. Share with whole group.

Virtual Games with a Purpose - Boggle Virtual Games with a Purpose - Boggle

Virtual Games with a Purpose - Boggle

Zoom break out room game for Patrols

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Keeping virtual meetings interesting is a challenge for all of us. Here is "Boggle wth a purpose"!

Cub Scout Den Leader Resources

Your One Stop Spot for Everything All Den Leaders Should Know!

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Find Ideas for all Required Adventures in One Place, listed by Rank and Adventure! Strategies and Ideas for Virtual and Distanced Scouting! Guidance for Den Leadership, Training, Uniforms, Family...

Arctic Survival Exercise

A Simulation Game for Patrols

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You and your companions have just survived, uninjured, the crash of a small plane.  The pilot had filed a flight plan before departure but was unable to notify anyone of your position before...

Challenge - Remote Clove Hitch

Tieing a clove hitch may seem easy. Challenge your Scouts with this twist to a clove hitch.

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Clove hitch with a twist! Put a rope around a tree with a 10 foot radius.  Now, challenge a patrol to tie a clove hitch around the tree without stepping inside the circle.

Knot Basics

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Square knot, two half-hitches, tautline hitch, bowline, clove hitch, timerber hitch for the younger Scouts. Older scouts use EDGE method to teach.


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