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Challenge - Remote Clove Hitch

Challenge - Remote Clove Hitch
David Madison
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Challenge - Remote Clove Hitch

Tieing a clove hitch may seem easy. Challenge your Scouts with this twist to a clove hitch.

One of the basic Scouting skills that a young scout is to learn is the clove hitch.  There are a number of ways to tie it.. talk to any old-time Scouter.  They'll probably show you 5 different ways to tie it.

NOW... here is something new.  Once they have mastered the skill of tieing the cove hitch, have them try it "Remotely".  That is right. Remotely!

You'll need:

a 100' rope
a 50' rope
a Tree

Take the 50' rope and make a circle around the tree so that the circle is about 10' in radius away from the tree.

Then, challenge the patrol to tie a clove hitch around the tree!  Now there is a catch, they cannot step inside the rope circle.  They need to work together as a patrol to tie the knot.  

You can time them.  Give them 10 minutes.  


The scouts must work together to tie a clove-hitch around the tree without going inside the circle.  Instruct one scout to hold each end of the rope.  They cannot let go of their rope.  The patrol will get scored based on how long it takes them to complete. The patrol has 10 minutes to complete the challenge.



Need a rope to outline a 10’ radius around a tree.



Give no directions to the patrol.  The patrol must work together to accomplish this challenge the best way possible.



1 - 63’ rope for perimeter

1 – 50’ rope for patrol with which to tie clove hitch

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