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Remote Quizzes - With Zoom Polling

Remote Quizzes - With Zoom Polling
Mark Sowden
/ Categories: Remote Scouting

Remote Quizzes - With Zoom Polling

Create a quiz and challenge your patrols

Using the polling capabilities of the remote conferencing utility, you can create a multitude of challenges for your units dens or patrols.  From map and navigation, or first aid, nature, camping, cooking, or rank requirements,  Be creative and make it fun!



Question 1:  Topographic maps are drawn to scale.

A. True
B. False
C. Occasionally

Quesiton 2: These three "norths" are always indicated on a topographic map:

A. True, magnetic, grid
B. True, geographic, magnetic
C. True, geographic, cartographic

Question 3: You are following the 1,000-foot contour line on the Pikitigushi Lake map.  You are walking:

A. Uphill (gaining elevation)
B. Downhill (loosing elevation)
C. On the same level


Zoom messaging

Enable Polling

Polling is a feature that needs to be enabled in the account settings.

  1. Login to your acocunt at
  2. Click the 'Settings' link in the left panel.
  3. Click on the 'In Meeting - Basic' link to see the in meeting settings.
  4. Scroll down unitl you see the swith for the 'Polling' option
  5. Turn the switch on - the switch will be slid to the right and colored blue.


Add a Poll

Polls need to be added to a scheduled meeting through the website.  

  1. After logging into your account, click on the 'Meetings' link in the left panel.
  2. Find the meeting in the list of meetings that you have scheduled.
  3. Click on the name of the meeting which is a link to show the meeting details.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the meeting details to find a box with a button within to add a new poll.
  5. Click the Add button to add questions and answers to the poll.


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