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NEW - Laudato Si Activity Patch - Catholic Scouting

NEW - Laudato Si Activity Patch - Catholic Scouting
Deaf Scouter
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NEW - Laudato Si Activity Patch - Catholic Scouting

Laudato Si is the 2015 Encyclical letter of our Holy Father, Pope Francis, on Care For Our Common Home.

The Laudato Si Activity Patch

The Laudato Si Activity Patch is a new patch that may be earned by Scouts, Scouters and Non-Scouts and Non-Scouters a like.  Catholic or Non-Catholic.  It is an activity that is designed in respect to Saint Francis of Assisi's 2015 Encyclical Letter which discusses the importance of taking care of our home... The Earth.

Laudato Si is the 2015 Encyclical letter of our Holy Father, Pope Francis, on Care For Our Common Home. Laudato Si means Praise to You and is part of the beautiful canticle of Saint Francis of Assisi. It reminds us that our common home, the Earth, is like a sister that we share our life with and our beautiful mother who welcomes us into her arms. We need to learn how to care for our common home and understand that how we treat our home reflects how we care for each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

May only Catholics or Scouts earn this? Who may earn this activity patch?

Any youth or adult – Scouts or non-Scouts, Catholic or non-Catholic, male or female, American or International – all are welcome to participate in the program.

Is this activity considered a religious emblem and may a Scout receive a religious knot after earning this activity?

No. This activity is considered a religious activity, not a religious emblem. Scouts may not receive a religious knot for earning any of the activity patches.

Will there be more International Activity Patches?

Yes. There will be new International Activity Patches after the 2023 World Scout Jamboree.

Who may serve as an adult mentor for this activity?

Any parent or adult who meets the standard BSA and diocesan safe environment requirements.

Is there any time requirement?

Only that the grade-specific requirements need to be completed while in the respective grade level.

Do the answers need to be submitted?

No. The answers should be reviewed by an adult. The Order Form and patch fee are the only things that need to be submitted.

Who do I check with once I complete the requirements for my grade level?

Any knowledgeable parent, Scout leader, group leader, priest, religious or catechist.

For more information about Laudato Si, check out the websites below.

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