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ILST - What is it? ILST - What is it?

ILST - What is it?

Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops

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ILST was a topic presented by my troop's boy leaders at our district round table.  The goal was to introduce other unit leaders to what this training was about, why their unit should consider running this training for their Scouts and how to have a successful course.

In this post, we share the presentation geared toward a round table as well as our troop's powerpont that our Scouts use for the course.

Scouting Along the Erie Canal Scouting Along the Erie Canal

Scouting Along the Erie Canal

Erie Canal Historic Patch

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Those of us that live a stones throw from the Erie Canal grew up singing "15 Miles on The Erie Canal" but do we really take the time to learn about how important this man made wonder is to our area?  A new official Scout award will help you do just that.

Game: Survival Simulation Game

An excursive in achieving group consensus

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You and your companions have just survived, uninjured, the crash of a small plane. The light twin-engine plane, containing the bodies of the pilot and the co-pilot, has completely burned. Only the...

Leaders you Love

Group Activity

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Break up into small groups or patrols.  Discuss "Leaders you love" and why you love them. Share with whole group.

Game: Mine Field

Creative Problem Solving & Collaboration Exercise

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Lead one Scout through an obstical course of items (mines) that s/he must not step on or run into.


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